CDN (Content delivery network)

What is and why you should use it?

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When we speak ofa CDN (Content delivery network) service we are talking about a network of distributed in different parts of the world who keep static content of our website and deliver to the end-user from the closest server servers. Thanks to this we can make our site run faster and we take some of the load to the server hosting throughout our site. This will allow your website users to access content more quickly, preventing them from tired and seeking information on another page.

Some of the benefits it provides us this service are:
◦    Decreased response time information delivery to the user.
◦    Decreased network load.
◦    It has 100 % availability of information, even before the fall of one of the servers.
◦    Increased connectivity.
◦    Ability to expand in order to handle large amounts of new data. Users and transactions.
◦    Improved optimization score to generate a more effective web positioning.

How I can use this service?

The first thing you need is a provider, there is a list of providers who can hire, but if you want to test the system and your web traffic is not outrageously high. You can start with Cloudflare. This is a project that has a free tier where you can begin to enjoy the benefits offered by the technology, just have to sign in, create an account, add your website and change the DNS records for your domain.

If you do not know how to do that or do not have access, you can contact your hosting provider and they should be able to help you. With this technology, your website will be faster, have better security, and your users will have a more satisfying experience while browsing the site.
Red Design Systems
07 July, 2020
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