And web applications in real time.

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Lately, much has been made of the real-time web applications, sites that respond immediately to user interactions, and other users are reflected within milliseconds.
This type of web application requires more than a smile to work, and that is where an environment like Node JS is very successful and well-received by developers worldwide.

Node JS was developed by Ryan Dahl in 2009, uses JavaScript as a programming language but not on the client-side as we used to, but server-side Javascript using the V8 machine of Google.
Currently, we can use NodeJS with his package repository called NPM, where we can get different frameworks like Express for web applications based on this technology.

It is clear that conventional servers that get in the marketplace, such as offering us Hostgator, GoDaddy, or JustHost which are basically shared hosting accounts do not work to accommodate such projects. You need to have a server that has installed Node and WebSockets support. There are several vendors who are already aware of this and are offering hosting packages for these websites. 

Heroku is one of them, AppFog also offers this service just not yet support WebSockets. That’s why you can use another great tool to simulate this call feature.
The world of web development is moving very fast, every day new tools and new trends that we dock with if we are to remain competitive in the market.
Red Design Systems
07 July, 2020