8TH NOC FORUM Mobile Development / Web Applications Development

Mobile Application Development
An application for mobiles developed for the 8th NOC Forum, the most important event of the year in the oil industry, which took place in the city of Cartagena in April 2014.

Conferences and Meetings
The web application scheduled appointments among attendees, which were held in different rooms arranged during the event. The confirmed meetings appeared in the calendar of the mobile device and generated its corresponding reminder for the appointment. The system also showed the availability of each of the rooms to make the respective reservation.

With this web application event attendees could access all the information related to the impressive displays on show during the event. The application allowed all the display points located in the hotel to be viewed on the phone, and users had access to a more extensive description of each piece and its author through QR codes.

Augmented Reality
Using the mobile application, event guests could identify 20 points inside the hotel Santa Clara (in Cartagena, Colombia/South America) where all the activities were performed. Attendees could move about within the hotel and find their location and obtain information on activities in each area using their smartphones.
IOS, Android, BlackBerry